They Also Have An Amazing Team Of Skilled Designers Who Are Able To Create Stunning And Unique Interiors

Upholstery Calgary Interiors is a family-owned company that has been in operation for over fifty years. They specialize in custom upholstery, hospitality furniture and the reupholstery. Their team members are very skilled and committed. This allows them to offer the best service they can and provide their clients with furniture of the highest standard.

Mhairi is a vibrant and creative designer is one of their interior designers. She is a designer who creates spaces that are both functional and beautiful. She combines traditional and modern designs and blends these elements with the use of texture and color. Her work also has European style. Mhairi is a mother to two children when she’s not working.

Another of their designers is Jenn Ross who is a full-service decorator that works with couples and individuals. She is an expert in balance in her designs and her talent for bringing the clients’ ideas to reality. She is also a fervent collector of antiques as well as modern pieces.

For their kitchen, a huge stainless steel hood fan that is riveted with bronze strappings is the center of the room. The design is completed with a white oak kitchen cabinet with grey and white marble counters. The dining room has a serene feel that recalls an old French Laundry dinner. The main bathroom is a constantly changing collection of things.

Calgary Interiors has a commercial design expert. Louis Duncan-He is a designer who’s signature style plays on the tension of bold and instinctive. He is renowned for his ability to create beautiful and comfortable spaces. He’s originally from the Pacific Northwest but has been living in the city since 2009. Having grown up in California and awestruck by the beauty of nature and enjoys creating unique spaces.

Red Door Home Living is another local company. This interior design company is owned by a couple who share an intense affection for the community. With an obsession for interior design, they are able to provide their clients with advice on how to select the best furniture for their home.

Calgary Interiors can help you to realize your goals, whether you’re looking to remodel your dining room or upgrade your living space. You will receive a comprehensive consultation prior to the beginning of the project and you can rest assured that all the technical elements are completed to the highest standards. From flooring to electrical wiring to plumbing They will ensure that your home is everything you want it to be. Contact them now.

Whether you are in need of a new sofa or to revamp your office space, the best furniture can transform your room. There are a variety of options for furniture in Calgary. However, it is essential that the furniture you pick fits the size of your room and your budget. Visit the top furniture stores in the city to locate the right furniture for your requirements.

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